James Pittam Health And Fitness team
James Pittam Health And Fitness team
James Pittam Health And Fitness team

Meet the Team

The Team

We have a dedicated team, with a range of skills

Based at Penrith Leisure Centre in the heart of the Lake District, Cumbria you will find Personal Trainer James Pittam. His private local Heath and Fitness business encompasses services such as sports massage, food sensitivity testing, and keep fit classes to name but a few.

James Pittam

Health and Fitness Director

Former serving Royal Marine, James is an advanced level 4 instructor and remedial sports massage therapist and since 2002 has built a successful multi-faceted Health and Fitness consultancy. Having successfully completed 4 Ironman triathlon events including the worlds toughest, he believes being a fitness professional means continuing to strive for the best you can achieve in order to gain respect from your clients.

Karen Rathbone

Personal Trainer and Health and Fitness Manager

Karen is one of our popular Personal Trainers having a wealth of experience and being well known within Penrith Leisure Centre for her classes and PT. Her promise to you is to guide you through your health and fitness goals in a way that works for you. No matter what your age, gender or ability Karen will assist you to achieve your goals. Her particular passion is nutrition and weight management, alongside strength and conditioning training. Karens hobbies include healthy eating and weight training in the gym.
James Whitehouse

Personal Trainer

Having started my fitness journey in Pretoria and now training here in Cumbria, I am excited to offer my skills across Cumbria.
Karen Peet

Personal Trainer

Karen has extensive experience in cardiac rehabilitation and GP referrals, and can therefore offer highly specific and personalised programmes. With commitment you can work hard to reach your goals, as she will be here to motivate, support and advise you in a safe and friendly environment. Her hobbies include Hockey, Cycling with her husband, camping and teaching fitness classes.

Victoria Rankin

Personal Trainer

Hi, I’m Victoria, or Vic, and I became a Personal Trainer (PT) because I’m passionate about helping people feel better about themselves and I would love to help you become the best version of you. Whether that is to achieve a certain running distance or time in a race, lift a certain weight or simply just get moving a bit more, regaining some confidence and feeling good about yourself.

Olivia Edmondson

Remedial Massage Therapist

Olivia provides a Massage service that relieves pain, treats injuries, sports or otherwise and teaches awareness of the whole body. She offers a very flexible appointment diary 7 days a week at a time to suit you within our comfortable, modern treatment room at Penrith Leisure Centre or within the comfort of your own home. She is a very sought after practitioner and gives clients the knowledge to help maintain the quality of life they deserve. 

Karen Joels

Personal Trainer

I have been working in the Fitness industry since 2005 and have helped many clients to increase their fitness levels, lose weight, reduce their pain and to move better. Exercise is great not only for your physical health but also your mental health, it releases feel-good endorphins and I always feel amazing afterwards. In a previous life I worked in the IT industry and spent most of my spare time in the gym to de-stress before I went home. I took on a Personal Trainer to help me lose weight, and realised that this was my true vocation.

Ed Clark

Sports Rehabilitation Therapist

Ed is a Sports Rehabilitation Therapist specialising in assisting clients progress from injury back to full strength and function. Services include injury assessment, sport and exercise rehabilitation, sports and remedial massage and prehabilitation (injury prevention) programs. He has extensive experience working with professional and amateur athletes from sports including rugby, football, cycling, swimming, trial and ultra-running, contemporary dance and boxing. He also helps many clients with occupational and recreational injuries from gardeners and builders to weekend park-runners.
Natalie Graham

Podiatrist and Chiropodist

Natalie is a popular local practitioner who has worked in a number of clinics across the county. She can provide general foot care and treatments for nail cutting, corn and callus, ingrown toenails, thickened nails, fungal infections and verrucas. Natalie can also give general foot health advice, diabetic foot checks and look at an individual’s biomechanics. Outside of work Natalie’s passion is travel.

Sally Wilson Sports Podiatrist

Sports Podiatrist

I am a sports podiatrist with extensive experience in the management and treatment of lower limb musculoskeletal and sports injuries. I have worked in both the public and private sectors in the UK, New Zealand and Canada. I enjoy treating all types of injuries but I have developed a special interest in sporting performance, injury prevention and the treatment of complex musculoskeletal problems. My goal is to identify the underlying cause of your pain and provide gold standard treatment to help you maximise your performance in sport, work and play.




Using ergonomic and postural education, soft tissue mobilisation and muscle energy release techniques, this enables Nat's clients to overcome and manage their symptoms through normal movement and specific exercise plans. Whether you have sustained a sports injury or have long-standing niggles or pain, Nat can assess and provide an anatomical-based solution. Having a good understanding of soft tissue healing and nerve to muscle communication she can use a variety of techniques specific to your needs to help you get back to everyday activity.

  • Chartered Society of Physiotherapy
  • CIMSPA Member
  • Sports Therapy Association
  • BANT Member
  • Zest3life Health Coach
  • CNHC Member
  • FHT Member
  • Lorisian Approved Supplier
  • HCPC Member
  • The College of Podiatry