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James Pittam Health And Fitness team
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Kerry Hodgkinson, MSc


My name is Kerry Hodgkinson and I am an experienced Counsellor, EMDR Therapist and Psychotherapist offering both short and long term therapy. I work with adults aged 18 and over.

I have experience of working with people experiencing many issues, including stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, loss, sleep problems, pain, OCD and phobias.  For several years I have worked in a busy Rehabilitation Centre working with Firefighters and their families as well as Prison Officers and Ambulance Personnel.  Through this work, I fully appreciate the impact of injury, long term health conditions, pain and physical and psychological trauma.

I am an Integrative Therapist which means I draw on several modalities of therapy, those being Transactional Analysis, EMDR and Solution Focussed Therapy, and I also integrate Mindfulness and CBT techniques.  

Creative interventions may also be introduced and examples of these are writing, drawing, using sand and models.  There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach in therapy, and so being able to draw on a range of therapeutic approaches enables me to tailor the therapy to your needs. 

I work in a non-judgemental and supportive way, giving you the protected space to explore your feelings and emotions and identify areas of change and goals. We work together aiming to achieve these, whilst I facilitate you in understanding thoughts and feelings.

One area which I am passionate about is the connection between mind and body and how they are intrinsically linked.  Physical injury or a health condition can impact your mental health and mental health issues can manifest in physical issues if not addressed.  So, I work holistically exploring both mind and body.

As one of the few accredited EMDR practitioners in Cumbria, I am eager to share the effectiveness of this therapy.  I have helped clients work through trauma and to regain stability and peace using EMDR.  The satisfaction and joy of seeing clients being relieved of intrusive memories, flashbacks, and distressing thoughts is something I will never tire of!


MSc In Integrative Psychotherapy
Accredited Practitioner in Eye Movement & Desensitisation Therapy
Postgrad Diploma in Psychotherapy
Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling
As part of the requirements of my Professional Bodies (UKCP, EMDR Association) I undertake regular Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

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  • Chartered Society of Physiotherapy
  • CIMSPA Member
  • Sports Therapy Association
  • BANT Member
  • Zest3life Health Coach
  • CNHC Member
  • FHT Member
  • Lorisian Approved Supplier
  • HCPC Member
  • The College of Podiatry